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Country Cars and Vans Ltd offer the following:

MOT TESTING - Classes 4 & 7



All vehicles driven on the road must be in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test checks that a vehicle meets, Government specifified, minimum road safety and environmental standards. It isn’t the same as having a vehicle serviced and doesn’t check its general mechanical condition.


A vehicle must have an MOT test by either:

The third anniversary of its registration

The anniversary of its last MOT, if it’s over 3 years old


The MOT must be renewed before it expires. The earliest date it can be renewed is one month before it expires – this date is printed on the pass certificate. If an MOT has expired, the vehicle cannot be driven on the road. Driving a car without a valid MOT Test Certificate in force is an offence.

Country Cars and Vans Ltd is an approved MOT test centre and you’ll find our MOT Test fees and appeals information situated in our costumer waiting area. If you wish to wait, there is a viewing facility enabling you to watch the test being carried out. We only fit original parts or parts of equivalent quality.


Should your vehicle fail its MOT, we can carry out any necessary remedial work, before we retest your vehicle free of charge.


It is important that the maintenance of a vehicle is carried out at set intervals or after the vehicle has travelled a certain distance. The service intervals are specified by the vehicle manufacturer in the service guide or handbook. All completed services are recorded in the service book and this history can help add to the resale value of a vehicle.

Country Cars and Vans Ltd offers:

Lubrication Service – As often as required:

Annual Service

Full Service

Major Service

Our four levels of service are designed to meet the needs of a car regardless of the vehicle’s age, condition or history. Regular servicing will maximise the lifespan and value of a vehicle.


Warning light on? - Country Cars and Vans Ltd have the test/diagnostic equipment to detect most faults in the mechanical and electrical systems of a vehicle.

Are you experiencing driving/running faults, excessive smoking or lack of power? We have the knowledge and technology to resolve the problem.

Country Cars and Vans Ltd offer a range of tyres for cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles at competitive prices.

All tyres provide different performance characteristics. We offer a wide range of tyres from budget to high performance. Country Cars and Vans Ltd can help and advice on the right tyre for your vehicle, lifestyle and budget.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) require more maintenance than catalytic converters. Filter restriction causes an issue with driveability, damage to the engine or filter. Regular filter maintenance is a necessity. A warning light on the vehicle will indicate that a problem could be approaching and that action should be taken immediately.


We are happy to provide an estimate for any repair work required.

Country Cars and Vans Ltd use the best replacement parts available, or will fit genuine manufacturer’s parts at customers request. All parts are guaranteed, some for two years and will not affect your vehicle’s warranty.

We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to carry out repairs on all vehicles.

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